In partnership with Lanterra homes

What drives us

At Gillespie-Jensen Development, LLC, our team consists of highly experienced and innovatively creative people. We understand that as long as we put our time and energy into something we truly care about- we will create wonderful things. 

We are proud to announce our partnership with Lanterra Homes. 

Combining Lanterra Home's immense building experience along with our know how, we have created a partnership that will extend our love for building that will show itself through our work.

Creating aesthetically appealing living spaces with quality, consistency, and reliability as our main priorities.

We have been building homes since 2002 and have created over 80 homes within 5 communities. Our growth has been mainly attributed to the care, quality, and attention to detail we put behind our houses.

Quality, consistency, and reliability are the three foundations we have built our company on and the level of care we commit to building our homes shows through our work. We are highly motivated to satisfy the needs of our clients in order to achieve greatness and create not only a place of aesthetic beauty but also a place to call home. Allow us to create that magical place for you.

In partnership with lanterra homeS

  • Quality

  • Consistency

  • Reliability

Homes shown built by Lanterra Homes